Meeting swingers in Brisbane

So, you’re interested in swinging? First timer/s perhaps?

Overstepping the normal boundaries of a relationship into swinging can be both exciting and dangerous. The decision is not one to be taken lightly and many things must be considered before you actually take the plunge.
Before you first contact us, please consider the following questions….

Why do you want to swing?

If you are in a relationship, does your partner know?

If you are in a relationship and your partner knows, does she/he approve?

Do you want to swing with couples (threesome), or are you seeking a single female only?

What do you hope to accomplish?

There are many reasons couples commence swinging. The excitement of interacting with someone different after having been with just your partner for so long.
The arousal of watching your partner with someone else
To enhance your relationship and make new and private friends.

Many couples in Brisbane that consider swinging, never pursue it. Of course nothing in this world is perfect. Dangers exist in all that we do, and swinging is no exception.

Consider these possibilities:

You may fall in “love” with another man’s wife/partner Another man’s wife/partner may fall in “love” with you.


The risk of contraction through unprotected sex

Many couples that swing construct boundaries that both of them can be comfortable with. Boundaries enable them to know what can be done with someone else without upset. As a single male you must respect these boundaries and not apply pressure for them to be broken, remember always that

Below are some examples of common boundaries:

  • Must swing in the same room
  • Penetration is not permitted with a partner other than your own
  • Can’t kiss anyone else
  • Swinging must be in separate rooms

These are just examples, as everyone has different limitations which must at all times be respected.
There have been many books written on this subject that may be worth reading before you enter the arena of swinging. It may be one of surprise. You may be totally open to the concept. The subject may create arguments about your fidelity.

Before you make this decision to proceed with trying out this lifestyle, THINK it over and if you decide to proceed, make the steps to meet other people. Try Mike’s Place for a chance to check things out. No pressure to swing, just a relaxed atmosphere to talk with like minded couples and singles, and use of the facilities. If you don’t wish to swing, don’t. If you do, play on.

Mike’s Place is the best place to start, it is the biggest and most reputable swingers club in Brisbane, and we always encourage and promote “Safe Sex” practices.

Mikes Place is also endorsed by the largest swingers site in Australia, RedHotPie.

(Your entry fee to Mike’s Place includes condoms and lubrication jellies)

Feel free to, after carefully reading through these pages, direct any questions you may have with regard to swinging to Mikes Place contact page

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